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Mountain Biking anyone?

Hi! I'm Todd Sublette, a "Beginner" class mountain bike racer who's been fortunate to ride with some great folks and a great team, the Ozark eXtreme Bikers, before I moved from The Ozarks in Arkansas to , Missouri. I miss the Ozarks and the great (no, no, I meant just "good," in case there's 2 million adventure-hungry mountain bikers out there about to storm one of my favorite places on earth) riding there, but I'm still wearing my former team jersey to race, and I'm continuing to improve (I hope!).
Our team also has a great sponsor, Pacific Cycles, who sell their bikes through Toys-R-Us and Target. Yeah, I know, Uncle Wiggly or Knobby or whatever in Mountain Bike magazine says "real" mountain bikes don't come from anywhere but bike shops, but Pacific makes the best "department store" bikes you'll find anywhere, and they're trail- and race-ready right out of the box! I'll showcase two of their bikes here, as I ride and race my race ride, a Pacific aluminum hard-tail ("upgraded slightly" with XT and an Answer Manitou SX) and a dead-stock-from-Toys-R-Us full suspension bike Doug and my friends at Pacific released just this year. Email me, call Pacific, or just visit Toys-R-Us or Target if you want to know more (I recommend Toys-R-Us for their whomping 1-full-year full-service agreement, but you'd better know how to tighten brake cables and adjust derailleurs yourself).

Here Todd is pictured showing off his Pacific, full suspension bicycle to some men at a race.

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